About Hab1.com:

Hab1.com was founded several months after I, Vincent Vazzo, returned from Advanced Space Academy in August of 2000. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, it would be my last trip as a camper (at least until the timing works out for the adult camps). Feeling great sorrow from no longer being at camp, I went searching around the internet for Space Camp-related websites in an effort to ease the pain. Growing quite sad from finding very little about the US Space Camp programs on the internet (other than Space Camp’s official home page, of course), I decided that a website dedicated to such a phenomenal place was needed. Thus, Hab1.com was created.

How this Silly Little Site is Run:

Besides the obvious joke, very badly, Hab1.com is a private, non-corporate site owned and operated by its founder. Hab1.com is a “free” resource to all except the man running it. To him, the cost is nothing less than whatever it takes to keep the site running so that Space Campers, be they past, present, or future ones, will always have a place on the internet to call their own.

Who We Aren’t:

Hab1.com is in no way affiliated with the US Space Camp Foundation, The U.S. Space & Rocket Center, Space Camp programs, The Alabama Space Science Exhibit Commission, or NASA, though many past and present employees do swing by here.

All Space Camp, Space Academy, Advanced Space Academy, and Aviation Challenge logos on this site are the sole property of the Alabama Space Science Exhibit Commission and/or the US Space & Rocket Center.  Any other trademarked logos, pictures, terms, thoughts, etc. present on this site are all property of their respective owners.

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