Save Space Camp

Space Camp needs $1.5 million dollars within the next three months or it might cease to exist. That’s the message that was delivered by Alabama Space Science Exhibit Commission chairman John Nerger this past Tuesday in a press conference to kick off the launch of, Space Camp’s GoFundMe campaign…. Continue reading

Aviation Challenge is 20-One

While we’re celebrating anniversaries here at hab1, I’m embarrassed to admit that I allowed 2010 to pass without noting that Aviation Challenge turned 20! Though Space Camp has always been my favorite thing, I understand quite clearly what a great program Aviation Challenge truly is. The new Space & Rocket… Continue reading

Hab1 is 10

10 years! 3,652 days! 87,649 hours! 5,259,000 minutes! 315,500,000 seconds! Hab1 has been around a while! It’s been a very interesting ten years! I would like to thank everyone that’s visited over the past decade.  I would especially like to thank everyone who has contributed to the HabForum.  I have… Continue reading

Politics and Social Media, Part Deux

Al Whitaker, Media Relations Director at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, saw my post from yesterday critiquing the Space Center for mixing politics into its social media efforts and has swiftly taken action to rectify the situation! As requested, here is his response, reposted here in full: Vince, Touché!… Continue reading