AstroTrek Returns?

Springtime has marked the end of winter, renewal, rebirth. For many years, spring has also signed the arrival of local fifth-graders to a Space Camp day camp. From Monday through Thursday, parents drop kids off in the mornings; they go through normal Camp activities–simulators, history lessons, mission training, etc.–and go… Continue reading

Save Space Camp

Space Camp needs $1.5 million dollars within the next three months or it might cease to exist. That’s the message that was delivered by Alabama Space Science Exhibit Commission chairman John Nerger this past Tuesday in a press conference to kick off the launch of, Space Camp’s GoFundMe campaign…. Continue reading

Educator ASA Openings

I was contacted recently by a teacher in search of other teachers. She and some other teachers want to go not just to Space Camp for Educators this summer, but a special Advanced Space Academy for Educators!  But they’re a few teachers short of a team! If you or a… Continue reading

Space Camp Wants YOU!

During the 25th anniversary, Space Camp issued monthly newsletters in order to update newsletter receipients as to what was going on.  Another feature was a featured alumnus and what they were up to in the present day. Space Camp seems on the verge of doing at least the latter again… Continue reading