2019 Hall of Fame in the Record Books; Auction Ongoing

The 2019 Hall of Fame went off splendidly this past Saturday night, with three new inductees having been inducted in the Space Camp Hall of Fame! Wally Funk, Casey Harris (of X Ambassadors fame), Virgin Galactic’s Beth Moses, and Astronaut Christina Koch were welcomed into the ranks of the Hall… Continue reading

Hall of Fame 2016 – Second Inductee Announced

Hot off the presses, Space Camp has just released the second individual who will be inducted at this year’s Space Camp Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, part of the 2016 Space Camp Summer Fest! Jason Hopkins of Masten Space Systems! And before working business development at Masten, Jason spent all kinds… Continue reading

Hall of Fame 2016 – First Inductee Announced

The 2016 Space Camp Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, part of Space Camp Summer Fest 2016, is just around the corner! Today, the very first inductee was announced! Amy Kaminski, Senior Policy Advisor, Office of the Chief Scientist at NASA! Before NASA, Amy spent time working at the Office of Management… Continue reading

2015 Space Camp Hall of Fame Induction Videos Available

Space Camp has uploaded all four of the inductees’ introduction videos to their YouTube channel in record time! The prerecorded comments by Susanna Phillips and Kate Rubins are now available too, as are the remarks made by Elizabeth Bierman and Bobak Ferdowsi. I’ve created a playlist with all of them for… Continue reading