HabForum Updated

First, I know I haven’t updated the site in two weeks. For that, I must apologize! Between increased schoolwork, and having to visit several colleges (with another trip scheduled soon), I have been too busy and stressed out to devote my energies to this site. On the upside, I have… Continue reading

Links Section Reorganized

I have reorganized the HabLinks section  such that instead of throwing every single site together on one page, it’s now organized by type.  There’s a page for Official Space Camp web sites as well as sites created by campers. In the future, I also plan to include links to other… Continue reading

I’m Still Alive!

No, your intrepid webmaster isn’t dead! I know this site hasn’t been updated for some time, but let me assure you that that’s true in appearance only…sort of… I’m currently spending most of the time I have to work on this site working on the CamperFinder project. It’s coming along… Continue reading