Former Space Camp Florida Counselor Named SpaceX Astronaut

SpaceX just released the names of the crew for their Inspriation4 mission which they are calling “the world’s first all-civilian mission.” Amongst the four members is former Space Camp Florida counselor Chris Sembroski! Chris is a former Air Force missileer and current employee of Lockheed Martin. He will be joined… Continue reading

3-2-1 Contact Magazine

HabFiles update! Space Camp was the featured article in the February 1984 issue of 3-2-1 Contact magazine! Here is that article for your enjoyment and nostalgia! You can also view the corresponding episode of 3-2-1 Contact on Youtube!

(Sorta) Space Camp Snoopy Shirt on Woot! Today has a shirt today feature Snoopy on top of his doghouse in a Space Shuttle that says “Space Camp 1982” in a NASA worm-logo font. Is it authorized? Certainly not! Is it neat? Absolutely! This is not the first time shirt.woot has a shirt referencing Space Camp! Back in… Continue reading

Hab1 is 20

20 years! It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating 10 years! How time flies. Ten years ago, I said “It’s important that we stay engaged with Space Camp through the good times and the bad. Space Camp’s most difficult challenges likely still lie ahead.” I didn’t realize how true… Continue reading

Blue Origin Tours Space Camp

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, Blue Origin–more specifically Club for Future, Blue Origin’s nonprofit to promote STEM careers–showed a video of their tour of Space Camp during Blue’s NS-14 launch coverage. They have posted the video of the tour separately to their YouTube channel now:

Space Camp Wings Flying on Blue Test Flight Today

During Blue Origin’s broadcast of their launch efforts today, Blue showed a segment shot at Space Camp! At the end of the tour, they mentioned that a set of Space Camp wings were attached to the flight suit of their astronaut stand-in, Mannequin Skywalker. The live stream of their New… Continue reading