The Sky is Falling

Well, as we all know by now, The Russian space station Mir is set for a fiery reentry sometime on March 23rd.

With all the hoopla surrounding it, I thought it time to provide all of you with some interesting reading before the big day. is a site dedicated to keeping the countdown clock for Mir’s reentry, along with news and information on this remarkable piece of…well, garbage.

As posted on The Register, someone on eBay is selling a the ‘Crashing MIR Space Station Detecto-Hat’. Get yours before it’s too late!

Additionally, Taco Bell has set up a 40ft. x 40ft. floating target in the South Pacific, with the promise that, if the core of Mir hits the target on reentry, everyone in the United States will receive a free taco!!!

So, everyone in the States, keep your fingers crossed!

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