ASA for SIX Days!

I was just at Space Camp’s website and was reading…and reading…and…

Anyway, I saw that, this summer, “From May 25 through August 23 all program sessions begin on Saturday and end on Friday.”

This is an amazing chance to not only get more bang for your buck, but to enjoy another day at camp!

If you were thinking about booking an ASA session for this summer, do it NOW! They’ve been known to fill up fast…but with six days instead of five, I think spots will fill up even faster!

…Ah…this reminds me of when ASA (previously Space Academy Level II) used to be 8 days! While 6 still isn’t as good as 8, it’s moving in the right direction!

Update: I also just noticed that the price for a summer session has gone up again from $899 to $999. This of course is bad, but still worth it…but, just once, I’d like to see the price of camp go down from the previous year…but it’s still worth it…

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