A Brand New Day

Yesterday was a tragedy, but today is a new day. A day that has not seen the demise of an orbiter and her crew. A day such as this must surely be a better day.

STS-107 Mission Patch…But the memory of such horrible events lingers, and the pain, shock, and horror of such an event will not subside in the near future.

The best everyone can do at this point is to never forget these brave men and women who so nobly served and believed in a program that the general public hasn’t always. Perhaps some good can come from this horrible, horrible event someday. Perhaps.

In the meantime, keep your eyes glued to the TV screens, and let us hope they get to the bottom of this sooner rather than later.

Also, the ongoing HabForum discussion can be found here and updated news as it becomes available can be found at CNN, MSNBC and Space.com, amongst others.

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