A Contest, of Sorts

Updated 03/11/2003, Please Reread

Some campers over in the HabForum decided they want to create some sort of logo or emblem to signify not only their proud status as a Space Camp alumni but also as memebers of this Space Camp community site.

Ideas as to what ends this will serve vary, but the general consensus is that it would at least be great to display around Camp when members return.

I think it’s a pretty good idea, so I thought I’d take the ideas people have been throwing around and make a contest out of it!

So, while some sort of more official rules list will be posted at a later date, there are a few guidelines one can consider now:

When going about making the design, imagine as if you were to create a team mission patch for Hab1.com! Include whatever you think would look good and appropriate, and remember that mission patches come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so feel free to let your imagination run wild!

1) Up to two submissions per person will be accepted: one incorporating whatever Space Camp logos you like best into a design and another one without any camp logos. You may submit one or both, but they will all be judged together. As a good rule of thumb, think if it would make a good poster or “mission patch.”

2) Submissions will begin April 1st, 2003 and stop at the end of April…so get designing!

3) As a matter of preference, if you do this entirely on the computer (which I always encourage), please begin with a source file large enough such that it could scale to poster-size, if necessary. If you don’t do this, at the very least, please make sure you would be able to recreate a larger version. If you create it on paper, submit a reasonably high resolution scan of the logo but be prepared to send a higher resolution scan if necessary.


Whomever’s logo is chosen as the winner will receive the following:

  • One copy of Space Camp on DVD (Region I)
  • An STS-107 Memorial Lapel Pin.

Any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this contest can be discussed here in the HabForum and prior discussion of this can be found here.

So start thinking about designs!

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