USSRC on TLC’s Dating Story

No, that isn’t a typo.  Yes, I was surprised, too!

I was flipping through the channels and I thought I saw some rockets out a window on the screen. Not just any rockets though, but USSRC rockets!

Sure enough, TLC’s show, “A Dating Story” was at the USSRC!

It’s on right now as I write this (1:20EST). If you’re on the west coast, you can probably catch it in just under 3 hours.

If you catch this too late (and since the show only has 10 minutes left, you probably will), it might be rerun later. Then again, they seem to churn these shows out one after another, so perhaps not…

It also must have been shot a while ago because the Columbia simulator was still on the TCF.

At any rate, it’s a fun watch!

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