An Interview with Zach Bergstrom

Starlog - August 1986 - ThumbnailWell, Tom Skirritt, to be more precise. But, hey, he was in the movie SpaceCamp, which we’ve all come to love…and hate…and love!

In this August 1986 issue of Starlog magazine, Tom Skirritt is interviewed about his part in SpaceCamp:

“Yeah, it wasn’t a real exciting part, but there are many reasons for doing a movie. Certainly, you have to make a living,” he remarks. “There are three things I look at–the part, the movie and the money. In this case, I liked the movie as a whole, and the money was good.”

You just can’t get that sort of candor from actors about their films these days!

It’s a reasonably funny read. Enjoy!

Starlog - August 1986 - Cover

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