Alumni Andi Revealed

I’m so late on this one, but thought it was still definitely worth mentioning.

Charity Nehls was recently revealed as the one who has been putting the effort into the myspace page. Along with that site, she along with many others have been preparing for the 25th anniversary celebration.

I’m sure it’s going to be one great time. And she hopes (like I hope) to see everyone there!

Alumni Andi is you and me, but pull back the curtain and there is Charity Nehls doing all the work for our cause: this site, this anniversary, for each of us. She works in Planning and Logistics at the USSRC making all the schedules and duty rosters, so that camp will run well. She is a 3 time alumni, Right Stuff recipient, and lover of Space Camp!

Charity Nehls is Alumni Andi
Update: It has come to my attention from this recent blog post that Charity Nehls may not have been happy with my choice of photo.  While I felt that she looked perfectly lovely in the photo I chose to post, I will admit that it is a few years old.  And if I were luckily enough to be someone who happens to grow more beautiful as time goes on, I too might be upset.  So this is understandable.  In the interests of good diplomacy, I have replaced the photo circa 2004 with the more patriotic one as presented in the blog.  😉

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