ISC 2007 Opening Ceremony – New Zealand

I can’t stress enough how edu-taining all of the international visitors’ presentations were. Having said that, here is what made the New Zealand team, in my opinion, the best presentation of the lot:

Speaking of which, in the spirit of a good international ribbing, I’d like to share with you the best (and only) New Zealand joke I’ve ever heard. It’s really sort of an addendum to the kids’ presentation:

New Zealand is home to 14 million sheep, 4 million of which are under the impression they are people.

I’d worry that those rugby hooligans would storm my door, but by the time their flight would have landed, 22 hours later, they’d be too tired to care!

By the way, I know things have been getting pretty video happy around here as of late. But I really love the ISC opening ceremony! And stories of the events never seem to do it justice.

Though I don’t expect them to be this numerous the rest of the year, do expect a jump in quality in the future (assuming YouTube isn’t the only limiting factor) as a shiny new camera has just been acquired!

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