The Poster

Not too long ago, the question was brought up on the HabForum, what ever happened to that poster?

First, a brief history.

Five years ago, I ran a little contest for visitors to the site.

Benji ended up winning a shiny new copy of SpaceCamp the movie and an STS-107 Memorial Lapel Pin. Yes, Hab1 is a generous place!

At any rate, Benji took it upon himself to collect funding from HabForum members to have a rather large poster printed up.

This is the result after a few early signatures:

Group with Hab1 Poster

Not bad at all!

The poster stayed at Space Camp, safe and sound, passing between a few counselors for safe keeping. Those on this site knew about it and usually knew how to find it. And so, during their week at camp, they would seek it out and sign it.

When I arrived in the Summer of 2004, I was able to take possession of this poster, and it has been with me ever since!

Back to present day, a number of signatures have collected upon it from many, many campers!

Here it is in present day:

Hab1 Poster Circa June 2008

Quite a difference!

And so if you’re coming to Camp, be sure to let me know. I’ll get the poster there for you to sign.

And that’s what happened to the poster!

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