Space Camp on Penn & Teller’s Show

The US Space & Rocket Center and Space Camp are featured on this week’s episode of Penn & Teller’s show, Bull…something!

Now, if you’ve ever seen the show, you’ll know that they mercilessly attack whatever the topic of the week is.

This week the show is about NASA.

But, being huge fans of America’s space program, Penn & Teller go pretty easy on NASA and, thankfully, on Space Camp.

Worth noting is that the USSRCs media guy Al Whitiker makes an appearance as does Space Camp manager Brandy Hulsey! They both did a terrific job on what has to be the most difficult show in the world to be on when you’re not on the show’s side. Great job, you two!

Also worth noting was that Penn & Teller were in Space Camp flight suits! Too funny!

And I think it was actually a positive plug for Space Camp and the Space and Rocket Center! No small feat on a show called, well, you know!

It will be airing through July 7th on Showtime, and you can go here to see the exact schedule.

A preview can be seen here.

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