Hab1 is 10

10 years!

3,652 days!

87,649 hours!

5,259,000 minutes!

315,500,000 seconds!

Hab1 has been around a while!

It’s been a very interesting ten years!

I would like to thank everyone that’s visited over the past decade.  I would especially like to thank everyone who has contributed to the HabForum.  I have enjoyed reading your 37,089 posts.  Every single one of them!  Really!

I often joke that, for a computer nerd, I’m so much more well adjusted than I have any right to be!  It’s because of Space Camp I can say that.  Space Camp has always been a great refuge for the shy, the intelligent, the outgoing, the curious, and the dreamers.  It’s a fantastic place where it’s okay to both know something or know nothing, so long as you’re curious.  This site is a testament to the extent to which I value that.  I have always thought of this site as my love letter to Space Camp.

Space Camp doesn’t end after the week is over; not for me, at least.  And not for those that visit this site.  Because if you’ve stumbled into this corner of the internet, you must be pretty committed!  But this small corner of the internet is just for us!  It’s here where we can help educate, inform, mobilize, and fraternize with fellow Space Campers!

It’s important that we stay engaged with Space Camp through the good times and the bad.  Space Camp’s most difficult challenges likely still lie ahead.  The biggest challenge Space Camp faces is the challenge that beleaguers America’s space program: in short order, the Space Shuttle will not be able to be the main mechanism for our missions, and future options are still somewhat uncertain.  And yet, despite the name, space is not the most important element to Space Camp.  The people are.  In my now sixteen-plus years of involvement with Space Camp, I have had the great fortune to meet, work with, go to Camp, and speak with so many wonderful people.

It has been a privilege.


Vincent Vazzo

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