Alumni Community Launches

Space Camp today launched a new website. The Space Camp/Aviation Challenge “Alumni Community” is now live at

Space Camp made the announcement via their Facebook page this morning, but that post was quickly withdrawn. I will speculate that the post was withdrawn because the sign-up process currently requires hands-on approval to activate the account and I think the Space Camp webmaster, Andrew, got a bit overwhelmed.

The announcement of the site was repeated today and reposted though in the form of a communiqué from Dr. Barnhart. She wants to hear from you! At the very least, Space Camp seems to have picked up on the idea of keeping alumni in the loop! It’s a pretty good idea!

Alumni Community definitely hold promise to be a tool to help camper’s find each other, as you can list the dates you attended Space Camp / Aviation Challenge when you register. You had better get them all in when you register though, as there seems not to be a way to add details later.

Update: It seems that you could indeed add / edit your camp information at the time I originally posted this, it was just not very visible, apparently. You can indeed alter your camp info.

Issues such as this give the Alumni Community site a rather rough, rushed feel at the moment, but I’m confident they’ll be adding new features quite rapidly, as the germ of the idea is definitely there.

Well played, Space Camp!

Alumni Community Landing Page - On Launch Day

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