A Smile as Big as the Moon: The Movie

Smile as Big as the Moon CoverAll the way back in 2002, you may remember that I reviewed the book, A Smile as Big as the Moon, a wonderful story about a group of special needs kids who manage to get themselves to Space Camp despite internal and external obstacles.

My book report ended with the following:

And for you Space Camp movie fans out there pining for a SpaceCamp 2 (aren’t we all?!), you may just get it! The very last thing I read in this book was the inside jacket cover. I was quite thrilled when my eyes came across a sentence that read, “The film rights for [Mike Kersjes’] book have been sold to Jerry Bruckheimer for Walt Disney Pictures.”

Fast-forward to nine years later and here we are.  A Smile as Big as the Moon is about to go into production!

The movie is to be produced by Hallmark Hall of Fame and will air on the ABC network sometime in 2012.

Filming is set to take place in Wilmington, NC but scenes will be shot at Space Camp also!

The Space Camp scenes are currently scheduled to be filmed later this month.

The movie will star John Corbett as Coach Mike Kersjes and Jessy Schram as teacher Robynn McKinny.


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