That’s Right, Woodchuck-Chuckers! It’s…

Alabama Gives Day!

In an effort to raise money for many worthy non-profits in the great state of Alabama, has declared today as “Alabama Gives Day.”

If A Smile as Big as the Moon showed us anything, it’s that there are plenty of worthy kids that can’t make it to Space Camp without a little help. You can help!

Alabama Gives - USSRC Graphic

Of course, you can donate any time $10 at a time at the Space Camp Store’s Scholarship Page. I would be remiss not to mention that the Space Camp Hall of Fame inductees have sponsored a scholarship as well, and that you could choose to donate to that fund, specifically, if you wanted.

And don’t let the “$899 sends a child…” verbiage scare you. Every little bit helps. Even one dollar. It may be a clich√©, but if every Space Camp alumnus just contributed one dollar…

Update: $1,200 dollars were donated via the Alabama Gives site, including one person that donated an entire tuition! Not too shabby!

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