2012 Hall of Fame, 2 Announced

Ballots have long since been cast, and the 2012 Space Camp Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is little more than a month away!

Today, two of the 2012 inductees were notified when they went to work this morning.  That was easy enough, because they both work at the Johnson Space Center!

Both were chosen in the Alumni category of the Hall of Fame:

  • Ed Van CiseEd Van Cise NASA Official Photo


  • Liz WarrenLiz Warren in front of Pad 39B

Ed is a Flight Director for the International Space Station, while Liz Warren is an Operations Lead for the ISS Medical Project.

You can get to know Ed better by reading his Twitter feed.  And Liz at her Twitter feed.

And good news travels fast!  Word of Liz and Ed’s notification even made its way into space!

Astronaut Don Pettit, from 150 miles up, made time to congratulate the two!

I think we can all echo Don’s sentiment, extending congratulations to Ed and Liz!  Well done!

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