Your Twitter Guide to ISC

With social media so pervasive in society these days, some students and teachers are posting on Twitter during their time at ISC.

To find out what’s happening at ISC in real time, check into the following:

  • @ilsegabrielsIlse Gabriels, Teacher-of-the-Year from The Netherlands
  • @irbinsPauls Irbins, the educator from Latvia
  • @masteranniaAnnija Korpa, one of the students from Latvia
  • @MrsMieliwockiRebecca Mieliwocki, National Teacher-of-the-Year
  • @DavidBossoDavid Bosso, 2012 Connecticut Teacher-of-the-Year
  • @stumpteacherJosh Stumpenhorst, 2012 Illinois Teacher-of-the-Year
  • @MelanieParkTOYMelanie Park, 2012 Indiana Teacher-of-the-Year
  • @CoachGalbenskiPaul Galbenski, 2012 Michigan Teacher-of-the-Year
  • @NJTOYMsDJeanne DelColle, 2012 New Jersey Teacher-of-the-Year

Josh Stumpenhorst has also posted one update from ISC thus far to his blog, Stump the Teacher.

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