Mike Flachbart: The End of an Era

Today marks Mike Flachbart’s final day as an employee at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center / Space Camp.

He retires after 29 years in its service, from a Space Camp counselor all the way up to Vice President of Global Operations.

Mike sure has seen it all!

He even oversaw at least one of my graduation ceremonies when I went through Space Academy Level I in August of 1995!

Mike Flachbart Graduates Vincent Vazzo from SA Lvl I in August 1995

Despite Space Camp’s general tendency to obliterate @SpaceCamp twitter accounts upon an employee’s departure, that hasn’t happened to Mike’s account, @SpaceCampBoss (yet)!  You can continue to follow him there (possibly) to find out where the retirement road takes him!

Happy trails, Mike!

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