New Counselor Pay Structures from Space Camp

If you’ve even been unhappy with Space Camp’s pay for its counselors, or wanted to work a Summer as a Space Camp counselor, but weren’t sure if financially it would work out well for you, well, this might be just the thing you’ve been waiting for: Better pay, more opportunities!… Continue reading

AC 8-Day Christmas Camp Cancelled

It would appear that Aviation Challenge 8-day Christmas camp is going to be/has been cancelled due to attendance being below desired numbers. It’s a shame, to be sure. Hopefully, those who were signed up will elect/be able to go to 8-day Advanced Academy or the regular Mach III session instead.

Space Camp says Goodbye to One of its Own

I received some troubling news in my inbox the other day, and it had been discussed in the forum even before that. Aviation Challenge and Space Camp has lost one of its own. Former AC Counselor Jenie Purves, callsign “Texaco,” [was] laid to rest [on Friday, February 6, 2004] at… Continue reading