AC 12 Day is Almost Here

The summer season is well under way and the only 12 day Mach III session at Aviation Challenge is about to get underway.

The space side of the house most definitely dropped the ball this year when they decided not to hold a 12 day Advanced Academy session, so this is it for 2009!

But AC certainly won’t be coasting through this one.

No less than Space Camp Hall of Fame member Josh “Safety” Whitfield has been hard at work these past few months along with Red Bull and other AC staffers to make sure that this 12 day will be well remembered by those lucky enough to get a spot on the team before it filled up in record time!

A preview of what’s to come for 12 day has been put together and it’s worth a look.

Wait until the 1:14 mark to find out one very new element to Aviation Challenge that the 12 day campers will get to experience:

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