Welcome New Counselors!

New year, new crew trainers!

Tonight saw the induction of several dozen excited new individuals into the ranks of counselordom!

I had the privilege of attending the auspicious occasion, joined by Space Camp Hall of Fame inductees Burke Hare and Dr. Michelle Thaller!  It’s always exciting to see a new crop of counselors, along with many veteran counselors cross-training, ready to embark on exciting new adventures, leaving their mark on Space Camp and Space Campers!

January 2015 Counselors

January 2015 Counselors

Their in for the time of their lives!

Best wishes and luck!  Make the most of an incredible opportunity!  And enjoy effectively getting paid to play!

Have fun!

Space Camp Flies with Orion

Space Campers, MSFC employees, and members of the general public gathered at the Davidson Center on Thursday and Friday mornings to view the successful launch and landing splashdown of the Orion test vehicle.

Crowd Gathers in 3D Theatre to Watch Orion

Along with your name and mine, NASA flew some Space Camp artifacts too!

Space Camp Stuff Flies on Orion - Display Case

Basically a nice “one of everything” collection of the various awards given out at Space Camp and Aviation Challenge graduation along with five Disappointed Astronaut Dad patches.

Another Alumna in Space!

Sam CristoforettiWith the successful flight of Soyuz TMA-15M, Sam Cristoforetti becomes the second Space Camp alumna to leave the planet!

Sam was honored at this year’s Space Camp Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, the entirety of which is now available for viewing.

At the very least, take a look at her introduction video as well as her acceptance remarks, the latter of which was filmed in Houston, TX whilst in the middle of training for her Expedition 42 journey.

You can follow Sam’s adventures on Twitter @AstroSamantha.

She paid Space Camp a visit early last year, speaking to a group of Space Campers and museum visitors.  Watch those remarks here!

Way to go, Sam!

Black Friday Space Camp Discounts

Black Friday is a week away and Space Camp is will again be offering discounts, as has been their way for the past several years.

Like last year, the sale will start at midnight CST on Black Friday (November 28) and continue through the end of the day on Cyber Monday (December 1st).

The discounts offered will be as follows:

  • $200 off weeklong overnight Space Camp®, Aviation Challenge® Camp and Space Camp Robotics Use discount code BF14C. Discount is for programs occurring May 24, 2015, through August 28, 2015.
  • $200 off Space Camp and Aviation Challenge Family Camp Programs Use discount code BF14F. Must register a minimum of one adult and one child.
  • $100 off Adult Space Academy® and Adult Aviation Challenge Camp. Use discount code BF14A.

For more information, head on over to www.spacecamp.com/blackfriday.

While some discounts are usually offered through the summer months with short notice, the Black Friday sale has been the only surefire way to save money and choose the best week for you or a loved one to attend camp.  Get in while the gettin’ is good!

Throw Back Thursday – Space Camp Florida

The year was 1988 when the very second Space Camp, Space Camp Florida, opened its doors.

This video was produced that year to highlight a week at Space Camp Florida, showing many of the activities Space Camp Florida kids would undergo over the course of the week!

Oddly, the occasional viewing of a shuttle launch was not mentioned, but this (somewhat jerky at times) video is an entertaining artifact from Space Camp’s history.

Scholarship Applications Open

Due by December 15, scholarship applications are now being accepted!

You and/or your child can apply over at http://www.spacecamp.com/apply

Additionally, there is a program for educators, STEMcon, run in cooperation with the Marshall Space Flight Center for teachers who teach in Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri, or Tennessee.

STEMcon applications are due by the end of the year, December 31.

#Fantastic Weekend

This past weekend, Space Camp hosted a tweetup for some lucky folks!

Give twitter a search for #STSC2 and you can look at all the great posts from what must surely have been a very exciting evening!

Nearer and dearer to my heart, there was an alumni team at Adult Space Academy this weekend as well comprised of very wonderful individuals, including several HabForum members along with one of my counselors from my 2000 trip to Advanced Space Academy!

I want to give a special thanks to team Discovery for letting me hang around them a bit this weekend.  It was great to get to speak to some Hab1-ers in person as well as meet a bunch of new very excellent Space Campers!

SCIVIS Celebrates 25 Years

SCIVIS (Space Camp for Interested Visually Impaired Students) kicks off today, with 205 students from 24 U.S. states and 11 countries!

This year SCIVIS reaches the quarter century mark!  For the past 25 years, Space Camp has been offered to visually impaired kids through the tireless efforts of their teachers, Space Camp staff, and countless other volunteers.

Have a terrific week, all!


Ham and Tuncer Remarks, Astronaut Panel Posted

Complete video of the 2014 Space Camp Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is in the works for those who weren’t able to attend or watch it online!

In the meantime, remarks given by Michelle Ham, as well as those for Kaya Tuncer are available online, along with the panel for the documentary, I Want to be an Astronaut.