Not Forgotten in the Mainstream

Happy New Year Everyone!

I was flipping through the January 2002 issue of Premiere magazine that had been sitting around my room for at least a month where I was surprised to come across the following blurb:

Under the heading, “The Show Must Go On…” the blurb mentions some movies that have had their release dates postponed in light of the September 11th tragedy and details other movies that have had to have their movies postponed due to¬†tragedy.

SpaceCamp was one of the films listed with the following mentioned about it:

This action-adventure story, about a group of plucky teens who enroll in space camp and actually end up in orbit, was supposed to be released in early 1986. But on January 28 of that year, the shuttle Challenger exploded while the whole world was watching, taking the lives of the seven American astronauts onboard. The film’s release was postponed for five months, but the movie contains a scene simulating a malfunction eerily similar to that which caused the real-life tragedy.

As a result, the movie failed horribly at the box office, taking in a paltry 9.7 million dollars.

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