We have a Counselor Amongst Us!

Fairly recently, I received an email from a young woman who would soon be going to Huntsville to be a Space Camp counselor! She informed me that she was creating a web site to document the experience and asked if I would link to it!

I sure will!

Besides being a four-time alumnus of various camp programs (and, as she informed me, in the first graduating class of ASA), Vanessa L. Hernandez will soon be one of Space Camp’s newest counselors! Yes, she now has the responsibility and the challenge to make other children’s time at camp as fun and exciting as her time there was! No pressure though! We know you’ll do great!

Head on over to http://www.vanessainspace.com and check it out!

Vanessa in Space Header Logo

And if any staff members at Space Camp are reading this right now, make sure to say “Hi!” to Vanessa and welcome her if you see her!

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