Live from Outer Space, it’s….’N Sync?

Yesterday’s Studio Briefing over at the Internet Movie Database listed the following story:

At least one television production company, Destiny Productions, has offered to co-sponsor a voyage by ‘N Sync’s Lance Bass to the international space station in November and document it for a TV special, the Associated Press reported Wednesday. Bass said in a statement that he was “completely overwhelmed” by the prospect and indicated that it would be the culmination of a “lifelong dream.”Bass reportedly attended space camp near Titusville, FL when he was 12. He said that he now plans to undergo five or six months of instruction at the the Russian training center Star City. American businessman Dennis Tito paid $20 million and underwent similar training before a similar voyage to the space station last year.

Lance Bass in Space

Well, at least one of ’em attended Space Camp!  My opinion of ‘N Sync, while never high, certainly rose slightly on the news that one of the group’s members is an alumnus.  Still, a member of ‘N Sync has no business going into space!

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