Save the Saturn V

The U.S. Space & Rocket Center is beginning a project to refurbish the Saturn V which, after 30 years of being outside in Rocket Park, has corroded both inside and out. Plans are underway to refurbish the Saturn V and move it inside, away from the elements.

However, like almost everything else, such a project takes money! And you can donate! Donations are tax deductible, and will go a long way towards making a more suitable home for the Saturn V.

If you’ve been down to Florida, I think they are planning a similar facility for their Saturn V.

To get a better understanding of what’s involved in restoring a Saturn V, locate the January 1997 copy of Air & Space Magazine, as it details the restoration process of the Saturn V down at The Cape.

Head on over to and click on “Save the Saturn V Campaign” for more information as well as the place to donate!

Update: Well, I just donated my 50 bucks…it’s not much, I’m sure, when compared to what they need for the project, but if everyone who’s been to camp donated just a couple of bucks, they’d have more than enough! So, I donated for a couple of campers (or something)…why don’t you as well?!

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