Space Academy Level II

(You know, I don’t think I’ve taken enough advantage of my ability to post whatever I want on the front page of this site, forcing all of you to read it! 🙂

Anyway, the thought just occurred to me, and I’d like to share it with everyone. The thought involves what I had always considered to be the destruction of Space Academy Level II when a great 8-day program became a 5-day “Advanced Space Academy.” I always considered this a grave injustice, and even though I loved my time at ASA, I’ve never really warmed up to it as much as the program probably deserves…

…So I was thinking that it’s been five years since Space Academy Level II died and ASA rose from its ashes. A half of a decade!

Now, a lot of people reading this probably never really new much about the program before it was ASA, and the fact that I do really kind of shows my age a little.

Regardless, I just thought that it’s been five years…I probably shouldn’t get my hopes up of a return to the “old ways.” And yet, I also would like to think about how many have gone through ASA. How they’ve enjoyed it and what it has meant to those who have graduated. A number which is larger than had they stuck to an 8-day program…

So while I still think it’s not as good as it used to be, Advanced Space Academy is still a great program that anyone should be proud to have had the honor of attending.

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