Bass into Space After All?

Lance Bass in is reporting that Russia is now holding a seat for a launch to the ISS in October for N’Sync member and Space Camp alumnus Lance Bass.

Provided someone can cough up the $20 million dollars for the trip, and Mr. Bass can find time in his schedule to complete his training, this looks like a fairly done deal. Russia badly needs the cash, so I guess their willing to let him go, despite previous comments indicating the contrary.

As for my own position on this, well…he has been to Space Camp, so I guess it could be worse. This of course is a softening of my previous stance on the matter…Since they’re not going to be sending me up any time soon, I guess I don’t care that much!

Further, if they’re smart, Space Camp will take advantage of the situation if he does indeed go up…they could plaster “SPACE CAMP ALUM IN SPACE” anywhere and everywhere they possibly can, etc. It’d make for good PR, at the very least. And the fact that he’s already famous couldn’t hurt, either…

…but what do you think? Go discuss it in the HabForum!

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