Changes to ASA Program Abound

I reported a few days ago there were changes coming to ASA…the new program outline can be read here.

They’ve changed the pilot track now…those in it will no longer be doing SCUBA. Instead, the pilots will go to Aviation Challenge for some additional training.

I think this makes a great deal of sense. While SCUBA is very fun, it doesn’t really fit in with the pilot track, but a few Aviation Challenge activities will very well, I’m sure.

Additionally, there are two “track-specific labs:”

  • Space Piloting
  • Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC)

The other two tracks look pretty much the same….there aren’t any highly-visible changes to them from the outline.

Also, ASA will again be 6 days long this summer, but 5 during the spring/fall.

Since there’s no time like the present, if you want to register now for next spring/summer, you can do so now at!

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