Space Camp Alters its Cancellation Policy

In light of recent world events, Space Camp has made a few alterations to its cancellation policy.

As can be seen here on their registration page, the policy now includes the following:

In the event of military conflict, and if you, your child or group are unable to travel during that time you would need to arrive for your camp session:

  • We will hold your individual reservation for US Space Camp or Aviation Challenge until such time that you can reschedule.
  • For groups of 12 or more, we will gladly reschedule your contracted session to include the busy summer season dates if necessary.
  • Full tuition refunds will be made provided we receive your refund request in writing no earlier than two weeks prior to the start date of your camp session.

Otherwise all cancellation requests will be held to our existing stated Cancellation

Policy. NOTE: We can not be held liable for additional or forfeited transportation charges incurred as a result of your desire to reschedule your camp session.

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