eBay Auction: Christa McAuliffe and Space Camp

I don’t often mention eBay auctions here, mostly because I want to acquire things as cheaply as possible!

But there is quite an exceptional auction right now. It is from the collection of Gary Beadel, a teacher who was an one of the alternates for the ill-fated 51L.

Among the items are an old Space Camp flight suit (they all attended Space Camp) with the old patches as well as chilling photos taken by Gary on the day of the launch.

The auction has three days left on it, so I suggest you don’t delay to see these remarkable photos. Of course, at $500.00, it might not sell the first time around, so if the auction relists, I’ll be sure to update the link.

Update: The auction didn’t sell, but the pictures are still up. Go take a look!

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