HabForum Addition – New Special Rank: Counselor

I thought it would be a good idea to add a special rank to easily identify members of the HabForum who are currently or have in the past had the delightful distinction and honor of being counselors at Space Camp and Aviation Challenge.

This will make it easy for anyone with questions for counselors find someone to talk to, as well as distinguish their comments on the board as coming from the perspective of having worked at Space Camp.

They’ll be easy to spot, because instead of the usual ranks like Junior Camper, Camper, etc., they’ll have “Counselor” with a pair of gold counselor wings which look like HabForum Counselor Wings

To this end, when you register in the HabForum and you have worked at Space Camp before, please let me know so that I can apply this special rank to you here. If you have been a counselor and already have an account and you see that the change has not been made to your account, please let me know. If you see that someone’s account who you know was a counselor has not been updated, please also let me know.

I do hope this addition is a welcome one.

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