Air & Space Magazine – HabFiles Update

Air & Space Magazine - June-July 1992 - ThumbnailI’ve updated the HabFiles section of the site with an article from the June/July 1992 issue of Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine!

It’s a pretty good article, rife with pictures and mentions of early 1990s Space Camp.

All campers in the eight-day version, “U.S. Space Academy Level II,” cap off their experience with a 12-hour simulated shuttle mission…”

And yet, other things seem not quite so early 1990s Space Camp:

As I was leaving the training center, I ran into Tony Vitelli and congratulated him on completing the mission. Vitelli nodded his head once and stuck up his thumb.

Do enjoy this one!

Air & Space Magazine - June-July 1992 - Cover

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