Various Updates

Hello, one and all! There are a few loose ends that have been tied up recently regarding Space Camp, so I thought I’d post here to share them!

First, the drive to reach 1,000 orders for the Saturn V license plates has been successful! They sold well over the 1,000 plates needed to start production before the January 31, 2005 deadline was reached! Awesome! To learn a little more about the efforts, the Chicago Tribune recently had an article worth reading.

The longstanding litigation efforts between the Space Center, State of Alabama, and former CEO, Mike Wing, have reached a settlement. Though some may or may not be pleased with the settlement amount, it’s nice that everyone involved can finally put this behind them.

Also, The U.S. Space & Rocket Center has decided to partner with Kensington Entertainment to launch a study as to how to successfully expand the Space Center and attractions. Exciting times are still to come!

Finally, Space Camp Turkey is still looking for counselors. If you want to have an international Space Camp adventure as a Space Camp counselor this summer, this is a terrific opportunity!

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