A Time for Courage, a Time to Move on…

Four years ago, I founded this website as a place for Space Campers–past, present, and future ones–to have a place to call their own on the internet.

And while running this site and meeting so many of its visitors over the years has been an incredibly rewarding experience, having attended five sessions of U.S. Space Camp programs, as well worked as a counselor over an entire summer, I feel I have nothing left to accomplish with what has been such a wonderful experience.

Though truly a great thing in this world, Space Camp has, over the years, gone from one of my interests to a true obsession. Reflecting upon this and my achievements at/for Space Camp, I have decided to bring Hab1.com to its end.

This is a decision I have not come to lightly, but the time and financial obligations have steadily risen recent years, and I no longer have the energy to put into this site what it takes to make a site great enough to properly reflect how incredible Space Camp is.

So while my server bills are paid up until the end of this month, afterwards, it will be time to say goodbye.

Thank you all again! Your frequent visits and posts in the HabForum have meant a great deal to me these past four years.


Vincent J. Vazzo

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