Summer in Space (Camp Turkey)

Another busy summer season is soon to kick off at Space Camp in Huntsville! And as many new counselors currently undergo training there, others are in training at a different Space Camp. Space Camp Turkey is also gearing up for its Summer season.

Among the new hires at Space Camp Turkey is our very own Matthew Danner who has made the intrepid voyage to Space Camp Turkey to be a Space Camp counselor for the summer!

As such an adventure surely requires, Matthew has created a blog to chronicle his adventures.

Already in Turkey, Matthew has updated both his own blog as well as all of us in the HabForum!

From his most recent post:

The luggage was a couple hours behind us, but at least it got here! Everything here is really cool and everyone is amazingly nice. The kids are hilarious and treat us like celebrities asking for us to sign their hats and get in pictures with them. They are really fun. They are trying so hard to speak English!

Have a great summer, Matthew! And be sure to keep us all up-to-date as your summer progresses!

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