I recently added an item to my collection of Space Camp memorabilia (yes, I collect this stuff) and it’s a good one!

I just got a 1986 Space Camp Program Guide!
Cover of 1986 Space Camp Brochure
Space Camp has a 1985 one, but they don’t have, to the best of my knowledge, one from 1986!

Update: Actually, I should read my own website. As seen during my trip for Space Camp’s 20th, they do indeed have a 1986 copy (2nd photo…it’s sticking out from under a newspaper clipping)! To the best of my knowledge (really this time), they have a 1985 and 1993 that I don’t, but I have a 1987 (two, I think) and a 1992 which they don’t!

…Now if only I could get a 1985 guide (and an ’84 guide and…)!

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