Brent Simon

This is really old news that I have been incredibly negligent to have not posted sooner, but Brent Simon has been making rounds on the internet for months now with his “Space Camp” song.

What should be the true Space Camp theme song, here’s the original:

Well, he’s been appearing on real shows as well (the G4 network, for example).

But, as Alumni Andi recently pointed out, he just made an appearance on Live with Jimmy Kimmel to sing “Space Camp!”

Alumni Andi’s comments were most amusing as well:

Consider this, with the flood of 25th Anniversary excitement is there anyone that can compete with Brent’s display of SPACE CAMP LOVE in the upcoming #1 Space Camp Fan contest?

If it’s going to take getting on the Jimmy Kimmel show to win the contest, I would say everyone has their work cut out for them!  But the results should be quite interesting!

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