February Alumni Newsletter is Available

The February Alumni Newsletter is out now, for your enjoyment.  Go check it out!

Speaking of the newsletters, the January Alumni Newsletter‘s “Alumni Spotlight” section featured none other than me, myself, and Hab1.com (I was shocked too)!

I would like to thank Holley Gautney for the excellent write-up!    And whoever had the idea of putting me in there in the first place, thanks!

That, for the record, was Space Camp’s first public acknowledgment of our little slice of the internet.

On a somewhat related note, while I’m on the subject, I have been pleased to see their recent efforts to keep their alumni engaged.

I think the repeat attendance it leads to can be (and is) a core pillar in keeping Space Camp financially healthy.  I’ve said many times that this site is only around because Space Camp needed it (granted, I did too) but wouldn’t do it.  Congratulations, Jason!

Finally, I missed mentioning earlier that the HabForum’s own Jason Schreck was the featured alumni in the December Alumni Newsletter for, amongst other achievements, his good work at the NASA Langley museum.

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