Tisk, Tisk, USSRC

It seems the Space Center hasn’t been taking care of all of their artifacts. Say it isn’t so!

NASA Watch had this post the other day.

In short, if you visited the Space Center during the mid-90s, you would have been able to walk though the Skylab trainer.

Well, it’s been sitting outside the back of the Space Center for years and it seems recent efforts to protect and preserve have been thwarted by the Space Center.

There’s also a swift kick at the end “alleging” (there’s photographic evidence) that the USSRC has been letting people climb around Casper for a small $10,000 fee.

I can only hope that nothing is as bad as it looks from this piece and that the Space & Rocket Center curator would want to do everything in her power to preserve to the best of her abilities every piece of space history in her care.

Anything less would be a true shame.

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