2008 Space Camp Hall of Fame Inductees Officially Announced

Space Camp Hall of Fame 2008 LogoThough most of us have already seen the list of the new class of Space Camp Hall of Fame inductees, the U.S. Space & Rocket Center today officially announced the new Hall of Fame inductees.

The official press release can be viewed here, but here are the names with details and photos to follow:

Friend of SPACE CAMP
• Oscar Holderer – Huntsville, AL
• Marlenn Maicki – Bloomfield, MI

Former Employee
• Lisa DeVries – Cocoa, FL

Former Camper
• Captain Phillip Smith – Seymour Johnson AFB, NC
• Vincent Vazzo – Huntsville, AL
• Specialist Josh “Safety” Whitfield – California

In Greater Detail

Oscar Holderer

SC Hall of Fame 2008 Inductee Oscar Holderer

Oscar was one of the original German rocket scientists to come over from Penemünde and the original designer of the early Space Camp equipment.

Marlenn Maicki

SC Hall of Fame 2008 Inductee Marlenn Maicki

Marlenn, dean of the Detroit County Day School, has spent many, many years bringing thousands of future astronauts, scientists, and engineers to Space Camp.

Lisa DeVries

SC Hall of Fame 2008 Inductee Lisa DeVries

Lisa, a United Space Alliance employee at Kennedy Space Center and former Space Camp counselor, works in the Operations Safety department where she mans the Safety Console in the Firing Room in the Launch Control Complex at KSC.

Captain Phillip Smith

SC Hall of Fame 2008 Inductee Captain Phillip Smith

Capt. Smith is a pilot in the Air Force, assigned to the 4th Fighter Wing, Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina.  Capt. Smith gets to fly F-15E jets at air shows around the world!

Vincent Vazzo

SC Hall of Fame 2008 Inductee Vincent Vazzo

It’s me!  You’re on this site now because of me.  I’m on this list because of you.  Thank you all.

Specialist Josh “Safety” Whitfield

SC Hall of Fame 2008 Inductee Josh Whitfield

Space Camp knows him as “Safety.”  Safety is a 13-time alumnus of Aviation Challenge programs and has served the United States military with great distinction.

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