Tony and Nathalie Visit Space Camp

Odds are if you went to Space Camp in the late 90s or early 00s, you ran into Tony and/or Nathalie. They might have been your team leaders or they might have run you through one of the simulators or, like me, perhaps Nathalie picked you up at the airport!

If you were one of the first to attend 8-day Advanced Academy, your missions were a direct result of many hours of work by these two.

If you’ve attended 8-day lately, you’ve been exposed to much of the great work they did to prepare for the return of the Extended Duration Missions.

Tony and Nathalie left Space Camp in late 2004 never to return again. Until yesterday, that is.

With no fanfare, while visiting the Huntsville area this weekend, Tony and Nathalie made their triumphant return to the Space and Rocket Center, if only for the afternoon.

Upon their arrival, they toured the entire campus. Four years later, it would no doubt seem as if they had never left. Because no matter how much things change, it always feels like Space Camp!
Tony and Nathalie on Enterprise Flight Deck
Tony and Nathalie in front of Hab1

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