HoF Ceremony will be Broadcast on the Internet

I just got back from the 5th Annual Saturn/Apollo Reunion and Larry Capps, CEO of the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, mentioned briefly that, unbeknownst to me, the Second Annual Space Camp Hall of Fame Ceremony will be broadcast over the internet from Space Camp’s website.

According to the announcement on the Space Camp homepage, you’ll need only point your web browsers to http://www.spacecamp.com/HOFvideoStream.html to see the ceremony live beginning at 7:00pm Central Daylight Time on Saturday. Please note that the link is dead as of the time of this writing, but check back. And if it’s still not up by 7pm tomorrow, check the Space Camp homepage to see if they’ve moved it to somewhere else.

This is fantastic! Now I not only have to worry about speaking in front of the audience in the room, but also the internet at large!

Seriously though, it’s bound to be an exciting evening and you’ll get to watch astronauts Jim Halsell and Hoot Gibson speak!

This is a truly marvelous thing Space Camp has done. If there was any criticism to be made of the first Space Camp Hall of Fame ceremony, it’s that, given its high ticket price and black tie nature, it was too exclusive and exclusionary.

But this year quite literally everyone that wants to see the show should be able to!

Well done, indeed.

Now if only I had a speech prepared!

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