You Can Go Home Again

Space Camp Hall of Fame 2009 LogoDetails are up in spades for the Alumni Weekend this July!

And I am going back to camp!

Space Camp has put together a great overview of the Hall of Fame weekend including the schedule for the Adult Alumni Space Academy session.

Like last year, the camp will only be 3 days instead of the 4 day program they held during the 25th Anniversary, but what an action packed 3 days it’s going to be!

Highlights include a ‘Steak & Egg’ Breakfast with Hoot Gibson, 2 missions, Area 51 and Aviation Challenge time, and admission to both the Saturn/Apollo Reunion Dinner and the Space Camp Hall of Fame Dinner is included!

The tickets alone will cost $60! Just use that to subsidize the cost of camp!

And, it’s gotten even better. Register now and bring a buddy and Space Camp will take $100 off of both your tuitions!

So while the session is a bargain at the following prices:

Without housing: $349
With housing: $399

It’s a downright steal when you bring a friend:

Without housing: $249
With housing: $299

That’s a great deal! In fact, if you extrapolate that out to a six day session, that would be $598!

Opening my 1993 program guide that I happen to have in front of me at this very moment, I see here that Space Academy Level I was $650 for a Summer session for six days! That was sixteen years ago!


Here are all the details directly from Space Camp, in lovely PDF form.

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