Is That All There Is?

Tonight I went cruising by Space Camp’s website, looking for a digital copy of the 2010 brochure, as I have yet to get hold of a hard copy for the year.

Boy was I disappointed to find this sorry excuse of a program guide.

It’s a tri-fold brochure, effectively two page display, very light on information.

Granted, perhaps I just have too fond of memories of receiving the program guide in the mail, paging through it, dreaming of all of the things I’d get to do at Camp.

It’s certainly possible that this is just a reflection of the way business is done these days. It wouldn’t surprise me if I were to learn that the vast majority of new campers learn about camp now from the website as opposed to ordering the brochure in the mail.

If that’s the case, perhaps it’s not as important to put out a quality, informative brochure as it one was.

Nevertheless, it was quite a disappointment to see it.

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