Offer to new CEO Appears Imminent

The Huntsville Times is reporting that the Executive Committee of the Alabama Space Science Exhibit Commission (ASSEC) Executive Committee voted unanimously to submit a job offer for the position of Chief Executive Officer of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center to Dr. Deborah Edwards Barnhart.

Dr. Barnhart was the director of the Space Camp programs from 1986 until 1990, working under Ed Buckbee, Space Camp’s founder and first CEO.

I also want to note that Wes Lyons, a former USSRC employee and ardent supporter of Space Camp, has been dutifully attending all of the board meetings since a new sunshine act went into effect in Alabama and all of the ASSEC meetings became open to the public. He’s posted those notes at the site,

I’ve often criticized Space Camp for having no memory of its past. If the whole of the ASSEC approves the offer when they meet next week, and if Dr. Barnhart accepts, perhaps she’ll bring some of that history back with her.

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